What’s another word for journey?


Look, it’s a new year and I want to be a better person. I’m already most of the way to eating meatlessly, and two steps from being completely vegan. But I’m not into pseudoscience. I don’t have a particular problem with GMOs, or conventional medicine, or fluoridated water. And as much as I know that ‘journey’ might be an appropriate word to describe moving from one state to another, it has some unfortunate New Agey connotations that I’d rather not be associated with.

Why am I writing a blog about this? Aren’t there one-million-and-one other folks on the internet gushing about their new-found love for tofu? Continue reading “What’s another word for journey?”

Altruism and Empathy

The show Friends was never really any good. We all seem to have convinced ourselves that it was funny or forward-thinking or whatever, but it dies in the crucible of time. I’m not gonna spend too much time hating on it. I did watch it when it was new; one of the rare programs my entire family could watch together without anyone feeling resentful. Continue reading “Altruism and Empathy”

Drawing Lines

I don’t want to self-identify as vegan anymore. That’s not to say I’ll eat differently than I already do, but I’ve kinda had it with vegans. Or should I say Vegans.

Allow me to explain. In the first place, it’s been hot. Like not just summer hot, but fucking unreasonably hot. Like I have to text my dad every day to make sure he and my grandma haven’t been immolated by wildfires caused by widespread drought kind of hot. You know, the kind that very clearly means there’s nothing wrong and that everything is perfectly fine.

That kind of hot. Continue reading “Drawing Lines”

Weekly Summary: July 14-20, 2018

Just when you think you’ve tasted the very worst that vegan baking has to offer, you have the vegan blueberry muffin from the Whole Foods Cafe and realize how wrong you were. I’m having one here as I type, and about the only good thing I can say about it is the copious amount of maple syrup they’ve added to cover up the heinous amount of baking soda they’ve used. It’s only partially successful. If I was less fully aware of how shitty it is to work in any level of food service, I’d gently ask one of the staff if head office had any human beings try these recipes before they threw them to the front line. Continue reading “Weekly Summary: July 14-20, 2018”

Weekly Summary: July 1-13, 2018

Let’s get down with some funk.

There are three main kinds of funk: musical, attitudinal and culinary. The first, as everyone knows, is its own reward. The second is unpleasant and to be avoided as often as possible. And the third, in case you haven’t guessed, is the subject of our focus on this day.

Long-time followers of this endeavour of mine will know I have an abiding interest in both culinary experimentation and fermentation. So it may be of little surprise that I have made the ultimate ferment. Seriously, I’ve won. We can all put down the salt, a-cause it’s over.

Actually, don’t put down the salt. You’re gonna want to try this for yourself. Continue reading “Weekly Summary: July 1-13, 2018”

My Triumphant Return

Six months is a period of time with a strange weight to it. It’s both long and short; significant and not. It’s half of a whole year, but it’s also only half of one year. So, when I sit down to look back over the last six months, part of me wants to be proud of what I’ve accomplished, while another part wants to dismiss the ‘achievement’ altogether.

What is six months of an entire life? Depends on how old you are, I guess. As someone who is thirty-hmm-hmm-hmm years old, it’s a tiny fraction. Continue reading “My Triumphant Return”

On breaks and self-care

Dearest followers,

I’m outta here for this week, and possibly next week. It’s not you, it’s me – I need to buckle down and get this draft of my novel done. It’s unlikely to be the final draft, so I’d like to keep the process going.

Look, if I was a different person, I’d have stayed on top of my posting schedule enough to have a backlog of posts to rely on. But if I was that different, you might not be here, so…

Yeah, point is I need a break. I need to examine and assess what I’m doing, both creatively and in my life. As much as I love lists and plans, schedules have always been a hurdle. The thing is, I think a schedule could be good for me. Nothing too inflexible, but nothing too loose either.

I’m rambling again. Sorry.

What I want is to stay on top of regular tasks like cleaning, taking care of myself, and my writing career (such as it is). This shouldn’t be so hard. Maybe I need to prioritize reading through that therapy book from the library.

Anyway, I might post on Friday for the weekly summary, since it’s also my six month overview, but I promise nothing. If my draft is not well on its way to completion, I may need to reprimand myself.

I love you, be well. Catch you on the flipside!